Our Rooms

A great place to explore and learn.

Our Rooms

A great place to explore and learn.

Our rooms

We have lots of space at Little Feet nursery; space for our babies and children to grow. Our layout allows easy disabled access to all rooms, with access to our outdoor areas too. Our team are a strong mix of professionals who have worked in the industry for many years. We see the potential in children and encourage creativity and imagination through play.

Our rooms are all led by experienced childcare professionals. Our room leaders Amy, Sharratt, Laura and Emma, all have over 10 years’ experience in the childcare sector, bringing with them a wealth of understanding and knowledge of how to provide outstanding childcare. Our nursery is specially designed to meet the needs of babies, toddlers and pre-school children, each with their own wonderful indoor and outdoor spaces, encouraging creativity and imagination. Packed with engaging toys and fun activities that stimulate exploration and learning for each child’s particular developmental stage.

Our preschool is confidently led by a highly skilled team of Early Years professionals, namely 2 qualified teachers, experienced Early Years Educators, supported by apprentices. The teachers lead a reflective team, who effectively support children’s learning and development by carefully planning to ensure children develop the skills they require to flourish as they transition to school. We promote the Derbyshire 10 keys of school readiness, which guide our curriculum to ensure the children are ready for their next step in education.

The learning environment within every room has been resourced and developed to enable quality continuous provision that reflects the children’s lives and interests. The team greatly believe that children learn best when they are genuinely interested in what they are learning about. The majority of our resources, questions asked and activities are open ended, which really develop children’s creativity and imagination, thus, promoting higher level thinking skills.

Little Climbers

3 months to 16 months

Little Explorers

17 months to 26 months

Little Divers

27 months to 36 months

Little Rangers

3 to 4 years

Children are encouraged to be independent and take on responsibilities, such as creating their own Golden Rules, which include how we treat and respect others, look after our belongings and value our environment.

Our team

We believe it is important that when your child is at nursery, you feel confident that your child is well cared for. We pride ourselves on having a happy, friendly nursery where each child is encouraged to reach their full potential through praise, sensitivity and mutual respect.

We recruit the best, highly qualified, and passionate staff and we invest heavily in furthering their knowledge and enhancing their skills. This results in delivery of the best in early years education, from babies right through to preschool. Our team takes such pride in their practice; they are extremely passionate about Little Feet Nursery, the children they care for and their families.

Our communication

At Little Feet Nursery, we use an app called ‘Tapestry’. This provides instant updates throughout the day, including beautiful pictures of your child engaging in a wealth of stimulating activities with their peers. Tapestry provides a wonderful insight for you as parents into your child’s day, where relationships are built, new skills are acquired and lots of fun is had! The care diary function also updates parents on nap times, bottles, nappy changes and food intake.

creativity and imagination child in the forest in hi viz

Our preschool enjoy woodland walks in the local woods. Children actively learn about nature and their surroundings and there is also a lesson planned for the session. We believe outdoor learning is key to developing children at all ages. Our toddlers and babies also enjoy outdoor experiences, with visits to the local park, outdoor opportunities daily, either in the larger play area, or the specific baby and toddler play area, designed to stimulate at the age level.

Relationships with local schools are very strong, which support the transition from preschool into mainstream. We host our own Christmas Carol concert for parents, which are very enjoyable and highly successful!

Our annual Summer Fayre and our Stay and Play sessions, allow parents and children to come together as a community and enjoy the activities and fun.

About us

A great place to explore and learn.

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