Newsletter: January-April 2023

Jan 15, 2023

Nursery Updates

Welcome to the Little Feet Newsletter! We cannot believe that we’re already a third of the way through 2023 what a great start to the year we’ve had. At the beginning of 2023, we had the pleasure of sharing our fantastic Ofsted report with you. We were thrilled that the inspector could see the amazing practice that goes on daily at Little Feet.
She highlighted that, ‘Children show that they are happy and content at the nursery. They are confident and demonstrate a sense of belonging.’ We couldn’t agree with this more and love that the inspector also picked up on how happy, confident and included all of our children are. The inspector also stated, ’Staff provide activities to promote children’s communication and language skills from an early age.’ Communication and language is

imperative to all learning hence us having such a strong focus on this with all of our children at Little Feet.

All in all, Ofsted was such a positive experience for us and we want to take this opportunity again to thank all of our phenomenal members of staff. Additionally we want to thank you as parents for all of the support you offered us A special thank you to all the par- ents who sent in emails for us to share with the inspector. Once the inspector had left, we sat and reread them all again and were overwhelmed with the feedback we’d been sent a heartfelt thank you to you all!

Now then… enough on Ofsted!

Over the last few weeks and months, we have experienced some adverse weather conditions, with some of our little ones experiencing snow for the first time! We thoroughly en- joyed making snow angels, snowmen and doing some sen- sory play with snow.

Whilst the snow made Dronfield look like a Winter Wonderland, it did provide us with some travel difficulties and we thank you for your understanding over the 2 days where we had to make adjustments to the normal nursery day.

Following the snow days, we have been enjoying the brighter and lighter Spring days but welcome Summer with open arms. During the fleeting glimpses of Summer that we’ve experienced so far, we have enjoyed planting in the garden, running around without coats on and going on Woodland Walks.

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