• Glow Worms facilitates babies from 3-18 months
  • Grashoppers facilitates toddlers from 17 months to 27 months
  • Oompa Loompas facilitates children from 27 months to 36 months
  • Muggle Wumps facilitates children from 3-5 years

We have lots of space at Little Feet nursery; space for our babies and children to grow. Our layout allows easy disabled access to all rooms, with access to our outdoor areas too. Our team are a strong mix of professionals who have worked in the industry for many years. We see the potential in children and encourage the potential in adults.

We welcome apprenticeships and student placements; allowing us to pass on our knowledge and high expectations to the next generation of early years providers.

Every provision room in Nursery is led by a highly experienced Early Years Professional, with Level 3 or above Nursery Assistants.

Each child has a key person, who develops a strong relationship with all their children and parents. Communication is key to growing and understanding each child. Our open door policy allows parents to visit or call us if they are anxious about any aspect of settling into nursery, their child’s development or just generally want to stay updated.

We offer show rounds twice daily; normally 10.30am and 2.30pm, as this allows parents to see nursery rooms with children enjoying activities, but our flexible offer allows parents and carers to visit to suit their needs.

Our preschool is facilitated by a qualified teacher (EYT) who is very experienced in Early Years and leading reflective team members who effectively support children’s learning and development.

The learning environment within every room has been resourced and developed to enable quality continuous provision that reflects the children’s lives and interests. The team greatly believe that children learn best when they are genuinely interested in what they are learning about. The majority of our resources, questions asked and activities are open ended, which really develop children’s creativity and imagination, thus, promoting higher level thinking skills.

Throughout the day there are regular child discussion opportunities that give an insight into what the children have been doing within their home experiences and what they want to do in nursery. These discussions help to plan for each child, assisting them to take ownership of their space and learning. Key persons use observations of their children; not only to provide evidence of their attainment, but also to evaluate the learning provision and what areas are engaging children, and how they can use this to extend children’s learning. Each key person will plan for each of their children and focus upon the Early Years outcomes, taken from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which is the curriculum followed. Observations from this planning and other outcomes inform a child’s assessment levels. In Glow Worms and Grasshoppers there are many messy play and craft activities offering language rich sessions whilst developing fine motor skills and different senses. Oompa Loompas consolidate their learning and experiences from Grasshoppers, whilst continuing their learning journey in preparation for preschool. There are two periods of adult direct teaching in preschool, in small groups daily. These consist of our letters and sounds/phonics session and also a maths lesson at present. These sessions are carefully timed so not to interrupt interests of children and are also linked to all areas of the environment, ensuring children are still actively engaged.

Tapestry assessment is used across the nursery where parents can access through their own login to see daily development, video and photographic evidence, alongside observations and snap shots. Parents can upload their own photographs, videos and write up for any achievement their child achieves at home. This gives us a solid baseline of a child’s development and achievements, and through being so visual allows progress to be easily acknowledged.

There are many activities in place to support physical development; a large and small outdoor play area, indoor soft play area and engagement in Every Child A Mover (ECAM) offering gross motor, whilst for fine motor there are activities such as craft, art, dough, threading, and using pincers, which especially develop the skills needed to help children get ready to write.

Children are encouraged to be independent and take on responsibilities, such as creating their own Golden Rules, which include how we treat and respect others, tidying away resources after use self-serve at lunch time.

Our preschool enjoy our weekly woodland walk in the local woods. Children actively learn about nature and their surroundings and there is also a lesson planned for the session. We believe outdoor learning is key to developing children at all ages. Our toddlers and babies also enjoy outdoor experiences, with visits to the local park, outdoor opportunities daily, either in the larger play area, or the specific baby and toddler play area, designed to stimulate at the age level.

Relationships with local school are very strong, which support the transition from preschool into mainstream. We enjoy local school events such as watching the Christmas nativity and educational visits. We host our own Christmas Carol concert for parents, which are very enjoyable and highly successful!

Our annual Summer Fayre or Afternoon tea allow parents and children from all rooms to come together as a community and enjoy the activities and fun

Reception Area & Dining Room

Glow worms

Oompa Loompas

Muggle Wumps